The bank wedding credit – a dream comes true!

The wedding is definitely the most important day in a partnership. Who doesn’t dream of a romantic and grand ceremony? The wedding should take place on a day that will be remembered forever. One should look back on it and enjoy the memories. But a nice and big wedding party costs money – more or less depending on your wishes.

The costs result not only from the number of guests, but also from the ideas of the bride and groom. If you want a simple wedding with the least, you may already get by with 3,000 USD.

However, if you want to organize splendid ceremonies, you must be aware that these can often cost over 50,000 USD, because not only the bride and groom incurs costs, but also by guests and their care. A good solution, especially in the latter case, would be to arrange your own wedding according to your personal wishes. With the online wedding credit from Bestbank it is quick and easy.

A wedding credit for the dream wedding

A wedding credit for the dream wedding

Many couples notice while preparing for the wedding that the reserves will not be enough. The wishes are big (and expensive), but the savings account looks thin. Of course, you don’t want to be stingy and organize a wedding where every guest has to pay for their own meal. Finally, the newlyweds invite you to the celebration; here it is almost a matter of course that they pay for the food.

Then there is the wedding dress, the new suit, accessories as well as a live band or a photographer. The mix often costs a lot, so many couples are considering whether to take out a wedding loan. If you want to organize the day as you like and do not accept any cuts, you will probably need a wedding loan if any reserves are not sufficient.

A wedding is expensive

A wedding is expensive

A wedding is associated with many costs. Even though it is sometimes customary for the bride’s father to pay for the wedding, the custom has already lost its effect. Many bridal couples finance the wedding themselves. A calculation is necessary so that the couple knows what budget they have to plan for their wedding. An important part is of course the wedding dress. That can cost several thousand USD. The wedding suit can also cost almost a thousand USD.

Not to forget the rings, the hairdresser, the live band, the photographer, the rent for the celebrations, the make-up of the bride, the food and catering for the guests, the ride in the carriage – all factors without that you don’t want to marry, but that are relatively expensive.

Of course, guests must also be invited; Here are the costs for the wedding cards. If you want to save some money, you can design and send the invitations yourself – a drop in the bucket that often does not ensure that a wedding credit is not needed after all.

Getting married is probably the most beautiful day in your life, but you should always plan additional costs before you get into a financial bottleneck. In order to guarantee the financing of your own wedding, good planning is a prerequisite and a wedding loan is a sensible option.

Is there a free special repayment for wedding loans?

Is there a free special repayment for wedding loans?

Before applying for a wedding loan, however, you should know how much money you need. Another factor is time. How long does it take to process or when does the couple receive the loan amount? Are you even creditworthy? The bank also checks the creditworthiness of a wedding loan and obtains Credit bureau information.

The comparison is also important: Which bank offers cheaper loans? The bride and groom should have the costs calculated, so that there are no nasty surprises in the end. Another point: how long should the loan term be and what interest rates does the couple expect? You also have to take “hidden” additional charges into account. These include account management fees or relatively high processing fees. Another aspect is special repayment or early repayment.

You should find out whether early repayment is possible without additional costs. All in all, many questions that the couple should clarify in advance so as not to experience any nasty surprises. Because the wedding should be as unique and special as possible.

Wedding Credit: A Trip To …?

Wedding Credit: A Trip To ...?

The special repayment has the advantage that any monetary gifts can be used for the repayment straight away. It is important that the contract contains a special repayment or early loan repayment that does not cost anything. Couples do not always use the wedding credit exclusively for the celebrations, but also for a honeymoon.

Because even honeymoons are expensive and can also be enjoyed after the wedding celebrations with the help of financing. Bestbank offers a way to get a loan quickly and easily. For example, if the couple are unable to get a loan through the traditional way through the bank, the online credit marketplace offers the opportunity.

As a loan seeker, after registering for free, you can present your loan project, i.e. the wedding loan, to investors. Investors can then support this project by investing in the project with their investment amount. If a wedding loan is needed as quickly as possible and has been rejected at the bank, Bestbank is a good alternative.

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